Life can be challenging. Current world events may be adding to your daily life stresses and bring up feelings of hopelessness, fear, anger, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, feeling overwhelmed and/or stuck. Additionally, we may carry the weight of unprocessed trauma that can affect our daily ability to function as well as how we interact in our relationships. Some common symptoms of unprocessed trauma include emotional dysregulation, low self worth, lack of insight, and people pleasing tendencies. We may find it difficult to connect with others, want to isolate, or be disappointed in our ability to show up how we want to.

The healing process can bring increased awareness and insight to the self, new coping skills, and emotional regulation. Relationships often improve with deeper intimacy and connection, as defenses are lowered and vulnerability is increased.

Additional Benefits of Psychotherapy:

– Ability to identify triggers
– Development of self care practices
– New tools to effectively cope with anxious symptoms
– Process of painful experiences allowing the release of trapped emotions.
– Identification of feelings
– Mindfulness and the practice of being present in the moment
– Effective communication skills

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